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nkoda app update for Android

by Eric Mortensen on 2023-11-08T09:31:48-05:00 | 0 Comments

Juilliard Library services include subscriptions to several digital score apps, including nkoda. Nkoda has just released a new version of the nkoda app for Android devices. The updated Android app offers:

  • Improved annotation: All of nkoda's annotation tools are now available to Android users.
  • Single Library Structure: If you've been working across the web-app, or across iOS and Android you'll notice the libraries are different. Now everything will be the same across ecosystems.
  • Better Performance: Building for Android can be hard because of the variety of devices, memory speeds, and device types. The product and engineering team have done their best to bring a huge leap in performance to the new build.

If you have any issues with the upgrade usage of the app, the nkoda support team is available at

Regardless of device platform, Juilliard users must first create an account in nkoda by going through Juilcat Plus while connected to the Juilliard network. Follow the instructions for account setup. Once your account is created in nkoda, you may login to the app from anywhere or any device. Questions about setting up your account through Juilliard may be sent to

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