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The Tianjin Juilliard School Library Catalog Search


Monday - Friday:   9 am - 5 pm                                             

Saturday:               9 am - 6 pm

During our open hours library staff can help you find resources, check out books, scores, and technology, anser questions, reserve a meeting room, etc. 

4th floor of the library can be used until the building closes.




Choosing the best tools for searching JUILCAT:

  • JUILCAT : classic catalog
    • The JUILCAT classic catalog is the best resource for locating musical scores in the Juilliard School Library. It also presents a good method for locating media materials. The reason for this is that a search under a composer's name results in a list of the works by the composer displayed in the form that the Library uses. There are also references from titles to the form of the title that the Library uses. See also: Search tips for JUILCAT.
  • JUILCAT Plus
    • JUILCAT Plus databases present a wide range of digitally accessed materials, including streaming audio and video resources, digital scores, ebooks, reference sources, electronic journals and digital image repositories.

Did You Know?

The search above will bring up all physical TJS materials. If you would like to search our online/digital resources, please click on Juilcat Plus online resources tab on the top of this page.